Parents, it’s time to see the risks facing Utah’s kids.

  1. Activate the decoder by scrolling down and tapping the button below. You will need to grant access to your camera.
  2. Once the decoder is activated, point your camera at the posters. Tap the red, green, and blue icons to reveal hidden messages.

Learn how to talk to your kids about vaping, underage drinking, and prescription misuse today.

Activate Poster Decoder


Make sure your kids know the dangers of vaping. Click the link below for a downloadable conversation guide.

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Underage Drinking

To protect your child’s developing brain from the harms of alcohol, click the link below. Review the green boxes for tips to start that ongoing conversation and set clear “no underage drinking rules” with your child.

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Prescription Drug Misuse

Talk to your kids about prescription safety. Click the link below and visit the Parents tab to learn more.

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